Post Oscars bliss

So i never get a hundred percent in predictions, so what?

A few surprises here and there, but one category is almost a shocker.

For the love of god, give Marty Scorsese the Oscar!

The aviator is a gorgeous movie though i think the cinematography is erratic and inconsistent, so i really wonder why it won cinematography.

i got the supporting actors wrong, hmmm. i thought cate was wonderful in Aviator, but i really thought Virginia Madsen’s presence in Sideways should’ve won. morgan freeman, i love the guy. i just though sideways would get these, because it’s not getting anything else.

the passion losing makeup to lemony snicket… funny.

Finding Neverland wins something.. Original Score. well.

i think someone should say something against channel 9’s broadcast exclusivity. they advertise for a “live” broadcast at 9:30am, air the thing at 10am obviously late, and fill the thing with so many adverts it runs till past 2pm. sequestered kasi ang channel, kaya ba pinagkakakitaan?

one amusing thing during intermissions though: the Boysen spot starring Joel!!!


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