The Last Days of Nicotine

July 31st, Thursday is the last day of Nicotine. I called it the August One Movement, or the second try at quitting. Pledgers include myself, Joe, Tracy, Rhona and doubtfully, Jhing.

I first started smoking in college, 1993. Come to think of it, it’s been 15 years. Wow. I probably would get lung cancer in the not too distant future. There’s 15 years of accumulated tar in my lungs. Blech.

But soon, as the first attempt last year proved, it can be over. Not will but can. I’ll probably puff a few sticks here and there, especially when there’s drinking involved. But it won’t be as regular as drinking water anymore.

I started with Phillip Menthol. Marl lights, then reds, then Luckies reds, then lights, then Winston lights, briefly Camels, West Lights, and then back to Marl lights for the longest time. Then about a year ago, Mild Seven Lights. Best cigarette ever. I’m gonna miss it.


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