Frak the world!

Still filling in my Battlestar Galactica relapse, I managed to find something very amusing that’s been happening to the American lexicon since the introduction of the “re-imagined” series thanks to BSG fans in Entertainment Weekly, Dilbert, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, Scrubs and in particular Rainn Wilson’s Dwight in The Office. God knows where else.

Official Battlestar curseword “frak” is turning up everywhere. Earlier in September, CNN posted this article detailing the history of the fictional Curse Word that’s seeping into mainstream American lingo. It sounds dirty, just like the word it’s supposed to replace. But it’s not a real word, so you can use it anyway, anywhere, anyhow.

I haven’t replaced the regular word in my usage just yet, but I’ve caught myself saying frak several times instead. Google “frak” and a number of blogs unrelated to Battlestar will appear using the word. What the frak. Frak us.

To the uninitiate, here’s a couple of videos dedicated to the word – the first is in the show Veronica Mars, as used by actor Kristen Bell, and the second is a compilation of usage in Battlestar Galactica.

Have a frakkin’ good time.


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