So many things have happened since the last entry. In about a month, the world has changed.

And I’m not talking about the (now) worldwide financial crisis.

The biggest thing was my friend Caye who passed away the day after my last post. He was 38. I won’t forget him envying our tiny office’s relaxed environment. Dude, we’ll always make Arkeo the best working environment. And despite best efforts, the Mild Seven club is still around. I’ll smoke the next one for you. Haha.

Anyhoo. In the wake of The Wake were five almost concurrent projects. There was no emotional rollercoaster, only numbness. Edit this, shoot that, edit more, and more. Those were five pills taken one after the other to take the mind off of loss.

If anything, I’ve learned not to get stressed or be stressed by anything anymore. Life’s too short for worries, too quick for friendships. 

Must let time pass slowly.


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