Moving out, finally.

I wish I was moving out of the family home, but not. Maybe next time. For now it’s the office that’s moving to a bigger place by next week.

We started boxing stuff Thursday afternoon, and today was the second day of organizing the gazillion things we’ve accumulated in the five years we’ve stayed in CPT. Tracy was in charge of boxing the Kitchen stuff. Popo and Mildred started with the archives, and I helped box the tapes.

Who would have known we had that many stuff? Betacams and VHSes, DVDs, mini-DVs and CDs, Raw shooting tapes, wedding-themed music collections.  Candles. We have lots of leftover candles from two shoots, one of which was two years ago. WT?

Some stuff we threw away without question, others we boxed as “por kilo” items. The operative word was “reckless”. I preferred “with impunity,” but it didn’t matter. Goodbye KB playback tapes, thermos jugs and about 50 worn but functional CD cases. Lucky waste collectors.

The next round will be for the remaining office items and paperwork. Last will be the editing bays on Tuesday, which I volunteered to supervise. If things go well we should have moved out by Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon.

Thus passeth an age.


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