Can’t wait for 2009


geoff & tishaIt’s not that easy for me to just rattle. I usually don’t rant, except when I get excited with something. And even if I log on online regularly, it takes a little extra time to gather one’s thoughts and write them in this blog. The habit is to check email, Multiply, then Facebook. Blogging is an after-afterthought. Like now.

Since the last post, Obama won the US presidency (yay!) although Sarah Palin is still doing the TV rounds (why??); I’ve reviewed only one movie (Quantum of Solace) which I have yet to repost in my review blogsite; Arkeo has moved into its new home (parts 2 and 3 of which I have yet to blog on the company’s site); and Team Philippines (Geoff & Tisha) are in the finals of The Amazing Race Asia Season 3! (that’s a segue, but, yay!) I just saw the last regular episode before next week’s finals. I hope they win (a few online forums are speculating that they did).

On the darker side of things, I was not spared from the year’s death curse – one of my mom’s remaining brothers, Uncle Cito, passed last Sunday. He barely recovered from a stroke he had last year, so I guess his tired and aged body simply gave up.

I can’t wait for 2008 to finish. Road to Perdition is showing on Star Movies. In many ways this year has been a tremendously trying road to travel, like a personal version of amazing race and the competing team is surrender. Even so, and it is a constant, all roads eventually lead to their end.


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