It was a good year, it was a bad year. Word of the Year (“follow through”) didn’t actually go very well, compared to 2007’s “drive”. For everything that happened, a toast to 2008:

To the good times and happy times – projects that made us proud or challenged us to do our best, to Hillary’s noble conceding and Obama’s magical trip to the White House, to newborns like my new nephew Brent (and Rio’s kid River, and Toto’s and Apple’s) and Arkeo’s latest movie Baby Angelo;

to the funny times like Sarah Palin and SNL’s Tina Fey and the booting of Dubya Bush;

to more Paris Cinemas and Pusans, to Arkeo’s new office, to Libre’s 7th year; to Manny Pacquiao’s victories, to those who made us proud of being Filipino;

But mostly to our dearly departed, who for some reason last year decided to come together and party where we could not go to –

To Maite’s dad, to tito Gozen and to Mild’s mom; to my Uncle Cito and to Popo’s dad, to Joe’s Nana, to Monster’s lola Lilang,

To Caye, our dear friend Caye

a toast to all of you, dear family and friends.

To the wounds that never heal. They make us strong, they make us remember.


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