Waiting for Number 6

While thinking of a way to open my review of Benjamin Button for Libre (but then suddenly I did think of something..) I had been jonesing for all things Battlestar related in anticipation of the return of the show on January 16 (17th here in Manila).

For a couple of days now, BSG ads have been popping up all over rottentomatoes.com. Hooray for the mainstream ads! and Hooray for BSG fans in RT! I wonder where else the ads appear. The current campaign motif is in white. I call it the “lips” series. The banner ad shows Roslin, beginning with a close-up of her left eye, followed by text that says, “Who among us knows the truth?” and the date of the show’s return.





The square block ad has Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, first with the eyes, then again with the same text, and finally her left profile sans the eyes again. Looks great.

bsg_karaeyesbsg_karaarmsbsg_karalips1Of course I’ve seen the hiatus webisodes. Gaeta and Hoshi sitting on a tree…

Then there’s Battlestarbook, a Facebook-notes type entry summarizing the events of the Miniseries created by Tara Gelsomino. “Number Six created an event: The Second Cylon War.” “Dr. Gaius Baltar became a fan of himself.” “Mr. Gaeta has joined the group: FTL FTW!” “Commander Adama has changed his status from Single to It’s Complicated.”

Fans have also posted videos of the current TV spots airing over SciFi, Space and SkyOne channels over YouTube. These drive me crazy, as the spots show a link to a clue-infested website that only muddles all speculation on the remaining mysteries of the show (youwillknowthetruth.com).

Nooooo. As much as I can’t wait for the show’s return, I have no idea how I’ll feel after the last episode airs. 10 episodes and one TV movie.

The beginning of the end is nine days to go.


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