after a month

wow. after a month-long break from blogging, I’ll try to catch up. Been to busy at work (my bread and butter job) I’ve missed reviewing a number of films before the Oscars, appeared on TV (wahoo!) on Mornings @ ANC for Velvet channel’s Oscars promo, and just last Monday, missed blogging about the Oscars too.

Since my last post, I’ve walked out on the screening of Confessions of a Shopaholic, cried over the ending of Marley & Me, appeared on TV looking tired and drugged (worked on 5 videos in the last 3 weeks) missed the screening of The Reader, and freaked out over the last episodes of BSG. I’m gonna miss that show, big time.

The highlight of course was appearing on live TV to briefly (as in, a few sentences) talk about the Oscars. The channel got my surname wrong, which is a common occurrence. No biggie, i just refrained from talking too much. It was Ronald A’s moment anyway.

So Slumdog won, as expected. As did most winners, except Departures’ Foreign Language surprise over expected Waltz With Bashir. But Sound Mixing to Slumdog?

Anyhoo, I’ve just reviewed The International, which is okay, albeit slow. I’ll post that soon enough.

The thing is I’m back.


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