I miss Starbuck already!

battlestar-galactica-20080410023313627_640wFinally saw the series finale of Battlestar. Now that it’s sunk in, I’m a little depressed. Kind of the same feeling I had after the end of Lord of the Rings, but on a smaller scale.

Now there’s no more seeing Starbuck drive herself and the rest of the crew crazy. I’m starting to miss her frequent quarrels with Lee. She hitting Lee. Lee hitting her back. Roslin and Adama. Saul Frakkin Tigh. Number Six. Above all, the conflicted, misunderstood Starbuck.

I won’t be making a recap, some people already wrote nicely about it (EW’s Marc Bernardin’s great recap here.) I guess I feel pretty much the same as how Bernardin put it.

I’m positively satisfied with it. Positive. But it took some hours after the screening last night before the feeling of fulfillment and acceptance crept in. It was a hard ending to swallow. After four years of following this series, there was this relationship or something that it was cemented into my thoughts much as the same way I thought Frodo and Sam and Merry and Pippin were friends who were never coming back at the end of LOTR. I’ve never cheered and jeered at a show’s characters more fervently, and frequently, than this one.

Yes, there were some things left unsaid (and to some extent, some belive that they were cheated from), some moments when I felt I needed more answers. But it is the finale we got, and it gave what we needed, not necessarily what we wanted. This show has been about that from the start, so why ask for it at the end?


(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) I would have wanted a final handshake between old friends Adama and Tigh. I would have wanted a better final moment than modern-day New York. And of course, Kara Thrace. I would have wanted to see her linger longer and not just disappear.

But you know what, she did say goodbye – to Lee and to all of us. I would have wanted to see Lee with a little heartbreak after she popped away, something that would have reflected our feelings at that moment, but like Lee, we sort of knew what just happened and we just had to suck it in. The Colony was destroyed, Cavil killed himself off, there was the Opera House and All Along The Watchtower and the Colonial Anthem as the space fleet headed off into the sun. Everyone, from the President to Romo to Hera, pretty much said goodbye. And the more I think of the flashbacks – how “real” these characters have become in my mind – plus the more I think how dead they are now (150,000 years ago), the more I feel sad that I’ve just seen them for the last time.

Lee will be exploring the planet. Tyrol becomes the first Scot. The Commander is someplace he is at peace, at last, near Laura. And the colonials (we can’t call them that anymore, can we?), together with Baltar and Six, Ellen and Tigh and the Agathon family, start anew.

I will miss them all (I am missing Starbuck right now), but mostly, I want to say that I’m glad that I met them. I’m sure most fans would say the same thing, regardless of what they feel of the finale.

They will all be remembered. So Say We All.


2 thoughts on “I miss Starbuck already!

  1. Beautiful comments about the end of BSG. I can certainly relate to your feelings of gladness that you “knew” the characters and had a chance to “meet” them. The BSG characters were generally all very well developed, complex but endearing.

    The ending left me with a melancholy feeling, terribly sad but also inwardly relieved in a sense that they didn’t try and milk more out of the story than was possible. Aside from the battle scene at the colony, the ending was quiet and restful, but didn’t quite give us the Hollywood “we found a new planet, yee-haw! We kicked Cylon ass, yee-haw! Everything’s glorious!” kind of celebratory feeling that many people might have expected. Instead, we were left with the dispersal of mankind, several questions about just who some of the characters really were (namely Starbuck, Six and Baltar), and a languishing feeling of general sadness. It hit hard, but as you rightfully said, it wasn’t what we all necessarily “wanted”. I think it was better that way, rather than just giving us a nice clean ending that we can walk away from.

    As for Starbuck, it seems to me that there really wasn’t much more that they could have done with her at the every end, considering how they had set her up as sort of a heroic, angelic presence, albeit with very human quirks. The changes in Starbuck after she returned from her journey to Earth were pronounced. No more brawling, hot-headed, F.U. attitude – she was driven, dedicated, and always seemed to be grasping for a part of her soul that she had lost on Earth. Most people might have hoped for a cleaner resolution with her character, such as a heroic second death in a Viper, but unfortunately we were left with an answer that left more questions. My burning question is, what will happen with Lee Adama after Starbuck is gone? How will he internally resolve her sudden disappearance? – and how will this affect his personality, as he continues to explore and search? It was only because of BSG’s persistent attention to character development that we were invited to ask these questions.

    Thanks once again for your blog article. It’s nice to know that there are people still thinking about the end of this show.

  2. I just saw the series on netflix. I have had a sick feeling whenever i think how much starbuck just disappearing. I wanted her and lee to affirm what they had and the abruptness of her departure hurt. I imagine in time it will get better, has it?

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