REVIEW-Night at the Museum 2

I’m not sure when this review came out. Posting it anyway.

The more, the many-er
Review by Vives Anunciacion

Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian
Directed by Shawn Levy

More of the same. As in, more exhibits coming to life, but the comedy is just the same as the last Night at the Museum – lightweight, dull and uneventful. The more isn’t always the merrier.

The idea seems promising: take what made the exhibits at the first museum come alive and bring that to the largest museum on earth. Sounds fun? Ben Stiller returns as Larry Daley the night guard in Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian.

The movie begins some time after the events of the first movie. Larry Daley has become a rich businessman of sorts, with his own company selling items he has invented himself. A surprise phone call from Jedediah (Owen Wilson) alerts Larry of an emergency. Transferred to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC for permanent storage, many of the exhibits from the first museum (New York’s Museum of Natural History) are literally fighting against the Smithsonian’s exhibits – all brought to life by the mysterious golden tablet, no thanks to Dexter the monkey.

Larry travels to Washington to solve the wild predicament, but gets entangled in the big mess in the world’s biggest museum. Amy Adams appears as pioneer female pilot Amelia Earhart, while Robin Williams and many others in the first movie reappear in the same roles.

The problem with the first movie was that it didn’t have enough Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais to make it funnier (because Ben Stiller is starring.) The problem with the second Night at the Museum is that it has even LESS Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais, plus Hank Azaria as fictional Egyptian pharaoh Kahmunrah is a lot funnier than Stiller. Everyone else is a lifeless paper doll. Lots of effects making all those exhibits come to life, big deal. Is this an educational trip about American history? Not even. So what’s the point, make museums interesting to kids? The first movie sort of did that already.

Honestly, I thought I lost two hours of my life watching this. Big, pointless, neither-here-nor-there movies like these make watching in theaters unnecessary. At least make a statement. Be really good, or really bad.

If there’s a third movie, don’t bother at all. As far as franchises should go, this movie is history.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW-Night at the Museum 2

  1. I thought the first film was a complete was of time as well. Awful. I’m not going to waste my time with this one, either.

  2. I just saw this the other day. Fortunately I did not pay for this feature length product placement.

    The people of the Smithsonian and Musuem of National History must be happy, but if there only better and wiser ways to get people to go to appreciate art and history. How sad and ironic it is.

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