Day 3 since I got diagnosed.

Later tonight I start living in isolation in a friend’s condo in Paranaque. That goes on for at least two weeks. The family has decided to leave the current residence and transfer to a larger place in Guadalupe. That house will be ready in two weeks also, but I think I would have to stay in the condo for a week after that.

It turns out that I’m mildly allergic to the meds, and doctor’s advice is for me to stop meds right now and take anti-allergy meds for a week, and then he’ll check me. I got itchy all over the other night and still am mildly today.  Coughing was bad yesterday, but this morning I feel better. Until the next episodes, of course. But they pass.

I’ve started reading the books I’ve skipped over for some time now (that’s why I wasn’t online last night!). I’ve had Cormack McCarthy’s The Road for some time now but never got the initiative to open the book. I’m only on page 30, reading lulled me to sleep. But so far, some favorite lines:

“He looked at his father and tilted the can and drank. He sat there thinking about it. It’s really good, he said.

Yes it is.

You have some, Papa.

I want you to drink it.

You have some.

He took the can and sipped it and handed it back.

You drink it, he said. Let’s just sit here.

Is it because I wont ever get to drink another one, isn’t it?

Ever is a long time.

Okay, the boy said.”


Ever IS a long time.


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