Day 5. Getting back on line

Day 5 after the dignosis.

I cleaned house today. Well, the flat is just a small studio, so it ain’t much, BUT I did sweat it out. It was good excercise. There’s only so many ways one can permute furniture (that is to say, a folding bed and a leather love-seat still covered in plastic) in a small place. This unit is being sold, by the way, and the plastic-covered loveseat sofa comes with it.

The place isn’t that bad. It’s tucked midway between the airport and Multinational. The complex is clean, very quiet.

My brothers brought me a fan today, some new clothes and the laptop. I’ll try to stay online as often as I can, but outside the condo complex, the area is the middle of nowhere. I walked around outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. Yesterday it rained all day and I was a bit cold, which is why the coughing is back again today. I think I over exerted myself today. Must continue resting.

The other day, as I was in the middle of transferring to this little cave of mine, my friend Joe called and asked about dvds he was going to buy. Just like that. As if I hadn’t been away. Thanks dude, and yes, I’ll probably borrow some during the course of my solitude.

I finished The Road last Sunday. I’ll talk about it some more maybe tomorrow. It”s just that I’ve so many things to write about now that the laptop’s here and I’m back online again. Also, must harvest those farmtown plants.

Maybe I’ll come back later for more.


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