Week one – Smallville suxx

Let’s see. It’s been a week since I got exiled from home and work. Boredom really sux.

I’ve started to get used to my daily routine. A little exercise in the morning, breakfast, a little sun outside the complex. I clean up. But after all the chores, it’s the laptop. Either online or to watch an old episode of Smallville or Betty.

Here’s the thing. I have these shows stored in my laptop (which technically isn’t mine, I lost mine last year.) On one hand it’s good that they’re there, cuz I have some things to watch and pass the time with during this health-related isolation. But man, does Smallville really suck. (pardon the French please.)

I mean, the writing for the first season of Ugly Betty is a universe away compared to the last previous season of Smallville (centering on Doomsday). C’mon people, does it have to be Superheroes for Dummies? And they mashed up everything in the DC universe, it’s like an abomination of all that is Superman. In fairness, they don’t mention Supes (and even avoid mentioning it in the episode Legion).

Good thing my sister brought my dvds of Avatar: The Last Airbender when she and my mother came to visit me earlier today. Some more things to watch while I while away the time.

Cinemalaya, currently the Philippine’s only real Filipino film festival, opened last Friday and I wasn’t there, for a change. But I do miss seeing movies, and seeing them with my friends. And the talks after the screenings.

I’ll be back next year.


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