Week Four – True Blood is thicker the second time around

Week Four – True Blood is thicker the second time around

Possible spoilers, but I’ll try to be spoiler-free.

Today is the fourth week since I got diagnosed with TB and Sunday will be my fourth week in hibernation. The sickness isn’t killing me, it’s the waiting that is. Waiting for me to finish the meds as scheduled, waiting for time to pass as my body heals inside.

Cory Aquino died and was laid to rest. Main story of the week.  I myself am trying to start a story to make into a movie (should add for the longest time to that statement), but I can’t decide which way to pursue. There are ideas galore, but the more I think about them, the more I remember I’m just passing the time, waiting to get back to work and see my friends.

But there is progress (and hope, as Cory would have probably put it). On Sunday next week I go home to a new and bigger house that I hope will ease the constricted lifestyle my family endured after almost 10 years in the old cramped apartment. I continue with the meds even after next week, but by then I shall be with the family and not alone in a small condo in another city.

Meantime, the second season of True Blood is around, and am loving it better than the first. The season starts fairly strongly, and so far after seven episodes, they’ve managed to be more involving compared to the middle of season one. For one, I am no longer annoyed at Tara (Sookie’s best friend) and am heartily enjoying the story developing around Jessica, the girl that Bill made into a vampire. Still not enjoying Jason’s storyline (which still involves a lot of half-nudity) but the looming war (ahem!) between the Vampires and the Fellowship of the Sun looks to me like it’s going to be the main theme towards the end of season 2 or throughout season 3.

I liked Michelle Forbes in Battlestar Galactica, but the subplots revolving around her are hit and miss – one minute it’s very intriguing, the next it’s forward, forward, next scene please. Still lots of sex. More Eric means also means more Vampire mythology – and there’s more characters to like. Hopefully that’s sustained till the end of the season.

Till the next episode of Tru Blood and mine.


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