Bitten by the running (runners?) bug

Late last week my officemates and I finally made true our promises to start on a healthier lifestyle. We had been planning to do something of the sort for months, but on Thursday night, we fulfilled the promise. Me, Tracy, Popo and Gianne.

Photo obtained onlineOur first goal was to conquer the relatively small path around the Ayala Triangle. It’s near the office, it’s safe, there’s parking nearby and a few restos at Paseo Center.

Little did we know that the place was populated at night. The Triangle was teeming with runners and fitness people, mostly yuppy-ish looking who look like they either just came from work, or were working out just before their night shift.

There were those who looked like they had been running for some time. A few looked like they ran professionally. Some were on the grassy parts stretching out or doing yoga. And then there were a few groups, possibly friends, who were just out to do brisk walking. I saw one elderly lady walking her dog.

I think the Triangle works fine for beginners like us. Despite the good number of people there at night, it was to each his own except those who already knew each other. The place is well lit and has enough greens for a relaxed run. One can go around the outer rim, clockwise in general, for a longer run. Just avoid the traffic and gas fumes on the side of Makati Ave/ The Atrium.

Or one can just go around the pathways inside the Triangle, which was what me and my officemates did for almost half an hour on the average. Anyways it was our first “official” run. Our biggest mistake was not to bring anything for re-hydration, so at some point we really stopped because we were parched. There’s one Sabrett stand at the center Ayala side, but I don’t think they sell bottled water.

The goal is to be able to comfortably go around the Triangle three times, and then we graduate to The Fort, which is a longer path around Serendra/ Boni High Street. I’ve updated my iPod playlist to run for 1.2hours – which is more than enough to cover a long distance. Who knew you can mix Madonna, U2 and Eminem in one playlist, but I did. Fast, slow, very fast, slow. Then back again.

Of course the ultimate goal is to do a 10K in one of the marathons in the metro, or do the Milo Marathon (21K, not the 40K!) in the future.

For now (later!) we go back to Ayala Triangle. Ipod, armband, water bottle – check.

photo obtained online. apologies to the owner.


3 thoughts on “Bitten by the running (runners?) bug

  1. Thanks Julie! We have a plan to join one of the races, starting with 3K of course. Tonight’s run made me realize a few things, number one of which is that my lungs are very weak. BUT, compared last time, I did 6 rounds tonight in one hour. So I think 3K is very realizable.

  2. Cge let me know when. I’ll pace you guys. =)

    Would you believe when I started, I felt like my heart was gonna explode at 1.5K? It’s really like that when you start, but slowly your lungs will get stronger and you will build the endurance to cover longer distances. =)

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