No run tonight

Couldn’t run tonight, it was raining. I’m pissed that we couldn’t run and risk injury because it rained quite significantly right at the time we were supposed to have started. I was so bummed and guilty I intentionally didn’t get a satisfying dinner.

It was regular early May rain, but we had to learn the (hard? sad?) way that disturbances like these would really disrupt our routine every now and then, that our group needs to have several back-up plans so we could still do exercises even with inclement weather.

On the bright side, our run last Tuesday night was very satisfying. Aside from Popo’s early onset of cramps which made him quit running that night, we all ran an hour’s worth of rounds at the Ayala Triangle. For me it was 6 rounds (run, run, walk, run) in an hour. We think it’s equivalent to 2K.

Tracy has become our designated excercise leader. She gets ideas from her friend Reema, who’s practically an athlete in terms of fitness. After the run, we did a few core exercises and promised to do more than just running the next time.

Tomorrow we shall try to swim. Margie the underwater hockey player is the designated leader. If swimming doesn’t happen and the weather would still not allow us to run, we’re planning to just throw frisbee in the park.


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