Slow run, fast run

I’m getting faster. I ran the most number of rounds in an hour since we started running in the Triangle. My group couldn’t run in the Triangle last Friday, so Tracy and I ended running around the office neighborhood after the (very strong) downpour. In fairness, it’s an okay alternate to other concrete paths, provided we dodge the small potholes and occasional oncoming tricycles.

I did eight rounds in almost exactly an hour, the last one mostly a walk as I was already cooling down. But it was eight compared to the six the last time we ran in the Triangle. That’s as little more than 3K. 🙂 I think I can do the 3K soon.

Unfortunately for my other companions, they had to contend with recurring leg pain. Popo’s injury is still hampering his progress, while Tracy had foot cramps very early in the run, mainly because she barely drank fluids early in the day. They could only do 20 minutes today. Gianne went around for 45 minutes, but she said she walked most of the time.

For Popo, we suspect his aching left calf is due to wrong running shoes. He has a nice Nike pair, but they seem to be not the right type for his stride. As for Tracy, it was a simple case of cramps which she could easily avoid next time.

For next time, my goal is to do 10 rounds in an hour, or do the same number of rounds but in longer strides. Develop a consistent stride.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to McDo. Not good.

Lastly, I was still in a Tears For Fears mode, so I had the Tears Roll Down album as my playlist this night. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Everybody Wants To Rule The World is a good slow down song or a start-up song, and Mad World can be a good fast run motivator, just don’t follow the beat. Sowing the Seeds of Love is okay during midstride while on a fast mode. I’m gonna have to revise my old playlist.


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