I will try to explain my vote

President – Nicanor Perlas (Independent)
Vice-President – Manuel Roxas II (LP)

Acosta, Nereus Jr. “Neric” ; (LP)
Hontiveros-Baraquel, Ana Theresia  “Risa H.” ; (LP)
Inocencio, Ma. Katherine   “Kata” ; (BP)
Lao, Yasmin  “Yas” ; (LP)
Ocampo, Saturnino  “Satur” ; (BAYAN MUNA)

Mayor, Makati – Genuino, Erwin Flores “Win”; (BIGKIS)
Vice-Mayor – Salvador, Jobelle Salvador “Jobelle”; (BIGKIS )
Representative, 2nd District – Montes, John C Madronio “Christian”; (BIGKIS)
Party List – either Akbayan or Ang Ladlad… still thinking.

LIST OF CANDIDATES (Know Your Candidates.com)

UNFORTUNATELY for the Philippines, the last 90 days of campaigning for today’s General Elections involved personality politics (can I say again?) and not issues and stands based on political ideologies. There were attempts, thanks mainly to media debates, but in general it’s been one pile of shit thrown against another. We keep asking who cleans up after each election, but I guess the stink has taken root very deeply. To our cores.

They all say they’ll get rid of corruption. They all say they’ll get rid of poverty. They all say they are for change. Why is it that many of my friends say they can’t make up their minds whom to choose? When political parties do not represent ideologies but are mere names that can be uttered by sundry as it fits their purpose. When you can’t vote based on experience because the most experienced ones either have had their personal fortunes skyrocket since assuming public office, or have been deposed because his gambling buddies were taking over the government under his inebriated breath.

Normally I wouldn’t vote for someone without experience. That’s an Asian virtue. However the choices are indeed muddied. Personally I am dismayed with friends who have voiced their support for a certain candidate who is practically the anointed of the incumbent. I think it’s because he talks, eloquently, in English, as opposed to the leading candidate (based on surveys), who is not quite the orator as his parent. C’mon guys, HE IS AS TRAPO AS QUEEN TRAPO HERSELF, can’t you see it?

And my choice cannot rest on Divine Providence either. The President I will vote for was not annointed by Heaven, because I do not believe that that exists.  One of the last emperors of heaven fell to the earth at the mercy of the atom bomb.

The confusion it seems stems from the perception that they are all, actually, one and the same, give or take a few.

No matter how much I try to tell myself otherwise, it all boils down to belief and perception. At the end of the day, I don’t know these people personally. 

At the end of the day, my decisions will be based on what they claim they will do and how truthful I believe they will accomplish these pursuits – pursuits that I more or less share with them.

High on that priority is a sustainable environment because, for the sake of the future generations of humans, if we are to continue to thrive on this planet, we in the present must make our habitat sustainable.

Ondoy and Pepeng reminded us of that. Three candidates are directly involved with these calamities. I’m not voting for any of them.

I tend to agree more with Nicky Perlas’s positions than with any other presidential candidate (except the clause on Creation. I’m an Evolutionist.) The administration candidate may have used the Green color for his campaign, but it is Nicky who is endorsed by the Green Party.

I tend to be Liberal in my beliefs, but that does not equate to an automatic support with that party. I’m voting for Mar mainly because he is my spare president – which is what a Vice President is. I’m intrigued with Perfect Yasay, but I really don’t know much about him except that his testimonies were integral to the ouster of Erap. Anyway, as a Makati resident for about 20 years, I personally vow not to vote for another Binay into any public office, at least in the next 10 years.

I want my vote to represent a wish for something better for my country. I think the rest of the 50 million casting their votes today have the same aspirations. But genuine change seems elusive, especially for this starstruck country which has an actor-reelectionist topping the survey for Senators. What do we do when, after all that is said and done, we still end up with La Gloria as Speaker of the House? Wait for the next elections for another round of “change”?

I can’t wait for 2016 for Nick to run again, that time with a line-up of Green Party candidates to support him. But who knows what has happened to the country by then.

Today we go to our country’s first attempt to automate the polls, itself a symbol that we want to rid ourselves of the old ways of cheating, corruption and scandal.

Now bring me that horizon.


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