Holmes 2, Chipmunks 3 quickies

My short reviews came out today but it is in Filipino here (Inquirer Libre iPaper edition January 9, 2012.)

Basically these are what I had to say about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwreked (these are what I posted on Rottentomatoes):


The addition of Moriarty as Holmes’ arch-nemesis is what makes this a good bit of entertainment. At least this time Holmes is more understandable phonetically, er, speaking. Dynamics between Holmes and Watson make the tedium tolerable. And the last bit of game between Moriarty and Holmes made up for the entire first half. Looks great tho, the design is beautiful.


Found this more appealing (relatively speaking) than the 2nd Chipmunk movie. Theodore is absolutely cute. Movie is absolutely for little kids only. That much it deserves. Music is absolutely annoying. I never hated a song (Party Rock Theme) so much in my life, and it was played endlessly. I wanted to slash my wrists. The good news? There are far worse fare than this.


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