“El pasado no cuenta. Todo vuelve a empezar.”

That translates to: “The past doesn’t matter. Everything returns to the beginning.”

I’d like to believe I’m a proud Filipino. In any case, I’m at least a huge fan of our national football team, locally referred to as the Azkals (Tagalog for ‘street dog’ – an ordinary mongrel in terms of breed – but affectionately describes half of the team members who are of Filipino-European mix.)

The Philippine National Football Team, aka AZKALS

I’m not a big sports fan. I don’t really run through stats and team standings nor do I engage in fantasy team matches. But when it comes to sports in general, I only watch two: Football and Tennis. And because I’m part Spanish, I’m as much a Rafael Nadal fan as I am of La Roja.

Rafael Nadal poses with the trophy after winning the mens final match of Roland Garros 2012. (I DO NOT OWN THIS PHOTO – no copyright infringement intended)

Rafa is a fan of the two football teams I follow – Real Madrid and the men’s national football team. La Roja is currently in the Quarterfinals of the  UEFA EURO2012. As we all wait to see if La Roja can defend their 2008 crown, I post here a few links revisiting that moment in 2010 immediately after Andres Iniesta sunk that goal that handed Spain La Copa de Vida.


Browsing through YouTube for visual pegs for a new project, I strayed into links upon links of people’s reactions to Spain’s goal in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

In Madrid:

Here’s how fans reacted in London:

and the people gathered in Mexico:

this was how it was in Hanoi, Vietnam:

In Cairo, Egypt:

In Old Town Square, Prague:

At a McDonald’s in downtown Taipei, Taiwan:

In Sydney:

At the Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco:

Times Square, NYC:

In Davis, California:

San Antonio, Texas:

Caracas, Venezuela:

Plaza Flamingo, Toronto:

Plaza de Rossio, Lisbon:

In Stockholm:

And in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro:

1. So many Spanish (and Spanish-speakers)
2. So many happy people at the same time

Wish it were the Word Cup again

– – –

Which brings me back to Spain’s renewed campaign for the European Championships. The match against Croatia worried me, but as long as they keep winning, they’re on track to defending the crown.

They’re not the European Champs. They’re not the World Champs. They’re just going back to how they started, with the same fury they had before. As the Ad campaign for the launch of their new kit says, “El pasado no cuenta. Todo vuelve a empezar.”

“The past doesn’t matter. Everything returns to the beginning.”



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