REVIEW – Iron Man 3

May day
Review by Vives Anunciacion
Published May 5, 2013
Inquirer Libre

Iron Man 3
Directed by Shane Black

Before everything, I’d like to greet everyone a belated Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You. That said, let’s get into business.

I didn’t review Jon Favreau’s Iron Man in 2008 and the sequel in 2010. Mostly because I thought (wrongly, I admit today) that it would have been futile to discuss the ties between Hollywood and the US Military Complex to the Pinoy audience which was obviously going to see the movie in droves anyway. It stars Robert Downey, Jr. – what could go wrong?

So, 5 years after, anyway. Syria is in a deadly civil war. Afghanistan and Iraq are nowhere near peace. What does that got to do with Tony Stark coming back with more versions of his Iron suit? Nothing except to remind the world again that the ultimate lethal weapons are presumably from the United States. Of course this is all overreading.

Tony Stark is having anxiety attacks as a result of events from The Avengers (2010). Why he’s having panic attacks, I have no idea. I thought Avengers ended pretty well for Tony. I thought his genius could handle the sudden appearance of celestial deities and aliens.

So, anyway. The terrorist The Mandarin appears (gamely played by the guy who formerly played Gandhi, Ben Kingsley) who pretty much wreaks havoc across the US and puts the president in danger PLUS destroys almost everything that Tony has. Of course Iron Man and the Iron Patriot (or War Machine), worn by Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) would solve everything in a big, explosive action piece set in a nonspecific pier, but Iron Man 3 is more than just explosive action, which was already the point of IM2. Tony also has to battle the appearance of Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce) who was Pepper Potts’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) former boss. Selos time.

The writing is admirably better than IM2, but only mimics the charm of the first. That’s not mincing for praise, it’s actually well-written, delivered naturally by the krung-krung Downey Jr. In fairness to the director of Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang. As for everything else, I wish Pepper’s show-stopping abs were on screen a lot more. There were just one too many suits to wear.


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