REVIEWS – Rush; Turkey Man Ay Pabo Rin; Ang Huling Chacha ni Anita

Review By Vives Anunciacion
Published September 23, 2013
Inquirer Libre

Try to catch these gems if you can. Check your newspaper or online listings for schedules.

Directed by Ron Howard

Ron Howard isn’t one of my favorite directors because he’s slightly inconsistent with the quality of his products (A Beautiful Mind, Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13) Thankfully, Rush is the director’s return to fine form.

Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth play legendary 1970s Formula One racing rivals Niki Lauda and James Hunt, respectively. The film successfully balances the narrative between these two legends of the sport who are equally extremely driven but are absolute contrasts during their most thrilling race for world championship in 1976. Brühl is riveting as the obsessed and callous Lauda while Hemsworth, AKA Thor is adequate as the dashing and carefree Hunt. Rush puts you in the driver’s seat of action and drama. “May” be an Oscar contender next year.

Ang Huling Cha-cha Ni Anita
Written & Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernado

If you loved Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, you’ll love this heart-warming, good-vibes story of a young lady’s first love. An adult Anita recalls her rural childhood when she (young Anita played by Teri Malvar) met and fell for the enchanting Pilar (Angel Aquino.)

The film works on many levels tackling puberty, gender identity, traditionalism, empowerment of women to control their own bodies, lust, cuteness, children talking about relationship and marriage and many more in a light, sometimes hilarious narrative. All because the filmmaker is a woman who understands her womanhood and does not shy on telling her female perspective. The kids, you’ll never forget the kids.

If you’re human and you understand what happens between your legs, you will adore this film.

Ang Turkey Man Ay Pabo Din
Directed by Randolf Longjas

Like Cha-cha ni Anita, Ang Turkey Man Ay Pabo Rin is an entry in TV5’s inaugural CineFilipino Festival. First-time filmmaker Longjas has a knack for the funny in this mockumentary about wife-and-husband Filipina Cookie (Tuesday Vargas) and American Matthew (Youtube sensation Travis Kraft) who met and fell in love through a website.

Turkey is a hilarious collection of observations on Pinoy vs American cultural peculiarities. Mostly, they’re Matthew’s observations. Like how we automatically call a Caucasian, “Joe.” Or the 1,000 uses of the word “ano.” But it’s a gag show choppily put together as a character sketch. Very funny. But not cinematic.


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